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Advantaged Thinking People Handbook

A guide to embedding Advantaged Thinking in your HR practices

A guide to embedding Advantaged Thinking in your HR practices

This guide to embedding Advantaged Thinking into HR practices was developed following a conversation with the Foyer Federation’s Investor members about the challenges of finding the right people, keeping them on board and building an Advantaged Thinking culture.

It has been written in collaboration with Salvation Army Housing Association, Swan Housing, YMCA Derbyshire, YMCA DownsLink Group and Your Housing Group, and puts forward best practice ideas and solutions borrowed from other sectors – including start-ups, which often face similar challenges to Foyers in that they must ‘do more with less’.

Some services may have more autonomy over these procedures and processes, and some may have less. In this handbook, you will find a menu of Advantaged Thinking options and ideas to try, depending on what appeals to you and what can be done in the scope of your service and organisation.

This is the first module of the handbook. The remaining modules will cover topics including Advantaged Thinking competencies, induction and training, and communications.