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Advantaged Thinking Training

A one-day interactive workshop to deepen AT knowledge, explore the 7 Tests and reflect on your practice.

Are you new to AT and keen to learn more, or an Advantaged Thinker looking to deepen your practice? This training package can offer new insights, fresh perspectives and an opportunity to reflect.

This workshop is a great way to explore Advantaged Thinking in more depth, understand how you can apply it practically in your organisation and galvanise your team to work together with a consistent AT approach.

What to expect

Advantaged Thinking is explored through discussions of theory, individual and group reflection activities, and engaging practical exercises that offer an opportunity to experience what working in an AT way feels like – and how it feels as a beneficiary of your service.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to identify Advantaged Thinking
  • Understand and explore the vision, values and impact of Advantaged Thinking
  • Express Advantaged Thinking in relation to themselves and their service
  • Understand and articulate the 7 Tests of Advantaged Thinking
  • Create an Advantaged Thinking plan and identify the next steps they’ll take
“I found the Advantaged Thinking training incredibly insightful. It was useful to be objective about the way we look at and work with our residents as it is easy to forget how much impact a negative word or turn of phrase can have on a person. I found it really helpful to frame things in a more advantaged light as it has given me a whole new set of skills in order to work more effectively. Joel and Kate delivered the information in a really clear manner and with a good level of interactivity. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”
an Advantaged Thinking trainee

AT training in your location

One-day workshop
1-2 facilitators
Up to 15 participants
£1350 + expenses

AT training online

Two 2.5hr workshops
1-2 facilitators
Up to 20 participants