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Coaching Training

Growing awareness, knowledge and confidence in coaching techniques through theory discussions and practical exploration.

Coaching is a person-centred approach that embodies many of the core principles of Advantaged Thinking.

A coach’s role is to create the conditions in which a young person can choose the topic and lead the direction of conversation, has space to explore all the options in front of them, and can arrive at the solutions that suit them best.

A coaching approach can create a conversation of equal power: not a giving/taking or ‘top down’ relationship, but two people working together to build independence and autonomy. It is an Advantaged Thinking way to work with people based on conversations that have purpose and share a sense of responsibility around a person’s core values and aspirations in their own life. Good coaching can provide people with the tools and confidence needed to set their own path and realise their potential. 

What to expect

Our coaching workshop utilises a range of practical exercises and relevant theory models to develop and practise one-to-one and group coaching techniques. It also engages with other important considerations related to effective coaching.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of coaching
  • Know the difference between coaching and support – and when to use each one
  • Explore the power of active listening and open questions
  • Take a positive approach in coaching conversations
  • Identify ways to gain permission, including use of coaching agreements
  • Be able to coach to a person’s values
“It really works. The day after the training I made sure that I had more of a coaching conversation with a young person at our service and she really opened up when I used the coaching method.”
A coaching trainee

Coaching training in your location

One-day workshop
1-2 facilitators
Up to 15 participants
£1350 + expenses