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Survey for people using an AT service

How does someone accessing an AT service experience that interaction? How can we involve the people we work with in assessing how effective an AT service is?

The survey questions below are based on 12 questions adapted from the Foyer Foundation’s AT assessment measures, currently being used in Australian Education First Foyers.

These questions are designed to highlight key evidence areas for a quality AT approach, including feelings of trust, the ability to achieve meaningful goals, relationships with staff and influencing how the service works.

Question 12 acts as a form of net promoter score, – an Advantaged Thinking service should aspire to have a score of 70 or more (% who recommend the service minus the % who do not).

Survey for people using an Advantaged Thinking service

Each question should be scored as yes, no or unsure.

  1. Do staff trust, believe in and encourage your potential?
  2. Does the service help you to develop yourself?
  3. Do you feel safe and at home in the service?
  4. Does the service offer a positive, friendly environment?
  5. Can you choose and work on the goals that matter most to you?
  6. Do you understand and value what the service offers you?
  7. Do staff give you the right information and support when you need it?
  8. Are staff available at times that suit you?
  9. Does the service do enough to encourage you to get involved in any external opportunities?
  10. Can you influence how the service works with you?
  11. Do you think the service always listens to young people and tries to achieve the right things for you?
  12. Would you recommend the service to other young people?

You can find a copy of this survey in chapter three of Adventures in Advantaged Thinking, page 16, which you could photocopy to use if you wish.