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Advantaged Thinking

When we focus on the good in people, on their strengths and aspirations, then everyone has the best chance of happiness

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Advantaged Thinking challenges the injustices at the heart of society

Current systems and structures disproportionately value and invest in people who already experience greater privilege. Advantaged Thinking holds the highest aspirations for those with the fewest choices. It focuses on understanding people, developing strengths and growing agency to create the conditions for a society in which everyone can flourish.

It understands that working towards people’s aspirations and dreams is just as important as meeting their immediate needs.

Building a community

All too often people are defined by their problems or deficits. Advantaged Thinking is an approach developed by the Foyer Federation for anyone who wants to flip that narrative, whether for someone else, for their organisation or for themselves.

We are growing a community of like minded organisations who see things differently.

Advantaged Thinking isn’t just a nice idea – it’s a practical approach that has a measurable impact.

“Before I had heard the words Advantaged Thinking, I knew what it was. It was the way I instinctively wanted to work with people. It was also the way that I preferred people to work with me.”
Kate Hitchcock, John Ellerman Foundation

Nurturing great practice

A fairer society can be shaped by showing solidarity and having empathy with each other. Advantaged Thinking resources, tools and training give individuals and organisations the power to practice being AT in their community and context.

Advantaged Thinking isn’t about waiting for gifts – it’s about creating them.

This publication is our Advantaged Thinking gift to you. It’s a present that’s been shaped from the lives and experiences of many inspiring individuals and organisations, and from the 32 years of learning from young people and staff across the Foyer network. It’s a great companion for this website.