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What is Advantaged Thinking?

Advantaged Thinking is an approach, a set of principles and a movement that focuses on the good in people.

If we focus on the things people are able to do – on their strengths and resources, rather than their deficits or circumstances – we enable people to grow and flourish.

Advantaged Thinking is a way of thinking and being. It’s a way of seeing and doing that consciously challenges negative expectations, blind spots and limitations within our social system.

The Foyer Federation developed Advantaged Thinking as an approach to challenge and take action against the prevailing deficit-based culture and services commissioned and delivered to young people.

“Advantaged Thinking is all about taking a positive view through positive action. Understanding ability, recognising qualities, promoting achievements, inspiring what is possible.”
Foyer Federation (2012)

Getting started with the 7 Tests is the easiest way to start your journey into the world of Advantaged Thinking

What next?

The 7 Tests

Advantaged Thinking is a broad but defined landscape, with 7 concrete ‘tests’ that help to define what success could look like in different contexts.

The Evidence

Advantaged Thinking isn’t just a nice idea: it’s a proven approach with more than 10 years of evidence to back it up.


Ever wondered how Advantaged Thinking first came about?

The Journey So Far

The Advantaged Thinking approach was pioneered within the UK youth supported sector led by the Foyer Federation but has spread to other sectors and countries.