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Where to start?

Advantaged Thinking can be approached from many angles. Here’s how you can begin engaging with it, depending on your goals.

In the spirit of Advantaged Thinking, where better to start than with your strengths! Here’s an exercise to help you reflect on your AT starting point.

AT character strengths

Review the four character strengths below. Which one resonates with you most? You’ll probably identify with several, but just pick one:

  • Spotting and developing talent. Do you find it easy to identify strengths and positive qualities in others?
  • Empathetic, compassionate and reflective. Can you lead with empathy seeking to understand the experiences of others?
  • Brave and challenges negativity. Do you challenge deficit based thinking and behaviour?
  • Creative thinker. Can you think and act with creativity and verve?

Which one do you draw on most in your work?

Which one do you draw on most outside of work?

Can you see how these crossover?

Which one would you like to develop?

“Advantaged Thinking is all about having a passion for the possible. If you share that passion you can take Advantaged Thinking with you anywhere in the world.”
Adventures in Advantaged Thinking, Foyer Federation 2021

Are you ready to reflect and challenge yourself to be more Advantaged Thinking?