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Going Deeper

Ready for action? Identify where and how you want to make progress in your knowledge, practice or organisation

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Putting Advantaged Thinking into action is instinctive and natural for a lot of people. It describes how they already interact with the world and the people around them.

For others, the proof is in the pudding – they’re compelled by the stories of positive impact and the strong evidence base gathered across more than a decade of services using this approach. Whichever of these two groups you’re in, you’re already on your Advantaged Thinking journey. Now it’s time to go deeper!

Explore the four possible routes above to decide which you might take as your next step. Each of these routes can support you at different times. Select the one that speaks most to you now, and find further information, points of reflection, tools and exercises, and signposting to other helpful resources.

Before I had heard the words ‘Advantaged Thinking’, I knew what it was. It was the way I instinctively wanted to work with people. It was also the way I preferred people to work with me.
Kate Hitchcock, John Ellerman
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Learning from others

To create a culture of Advantaged Thinking you need to bring other people with you on the journey and think about change at a whole-system level.